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As a Transformational Strategist and Somatic Healer, I use different sound and breath work modalities to create Expansive thinking. I teach emotional resiliency and my focus is on accessing your highest self. 


As a life long creative and filmmaker,  I have been an avid storyteller.  At my core I am interested and curious in the human narrative and how it shapes our communal and familial structures.  



 I have used different methods to unearth and decipher my own emotional system. As an author, singer/ songwriter, actress, creative, podcast host and community spiritual educator I continue to tinker with different modalities, which has contributed to my unique approach to inner healing. 



Are you dealing with alot of feelings and unable to decipher what they are? Do you find yourself saying “I’m overwhelmed” a lot? Are you finding it difficult to hear your inner compass and to stay present?



As a patient advocate, a caregiver and a parent I’ve been there too. I’m a crisis survivor who has researched and found ways to unearth my inner voice and stay present especially during a life storm. 

I’ve had to learn that nurturing myself back to an expansive state includes, recognizing my thought patterns, rediscovering my internal compass, and reinvigorating myself through balancing my emotional, spiritual and physical expression. 

Does this sound familiar?

Juggling work, parenthood, creative and communal responsibilities is an ongoing experiment. 

There have been times in my life when

I was burnt out.

I was exhausted.

I wanted to lean into my abundant self versus my constricted thinking BUT

I had to heal some old patterns. I had to discover my limiting beliefs and then rewrite the script.

I have been fortunate to have had incredible mentors in my life who helped pave my destiny. I have been a collector of wisdom and  have learned that it really does take a village. Eventually,

I found my expansive voice.

My father used to tell me that, “The pathway to having your gifts

is in order to keep them, you have to give them away.”

This is the site where I give it all way…all the lessons, the wisdom collected, and of course 

the joy.  My mission is to create a community of nurturers. 

This is the place we nurture our voice, our creative gifts, our relationships, and our spirit.


If you live your life like a task, you create a sentence,

but if you join me, and live life like a gift, you create a life.

Let’s nurture one another and create an 



Chava Floryn


As a Transformational Strategist and Somatic Healer, and Meditation teacher, Chava has a unique approach to crafting professional mindful meditation workshops and one on one sessions to calm the nervous system down by teaching emotional resiliency.
Chava is a writer, host of the “Nurture Series” podcast and co-creator of “The Search” web series, and the documentary entitled “Ohr,”  and “Names Not Numbers.” As an award winning filmmaker, with over sixty five short films, and TV pilots, Chava uses her voice to shed light on stories that create hope, optimism and expansive thinking. 

A singer/songwriter, Chava’s been writing and performing her music for over fifteen years. Her music can be found on Spotify and on Soundcloud


Her book “Everything is gonna be ok,” a #1 new release on Amazon, is a first person self help narrative on ways we can nurture ourselves during a crisis,  and expand our thinking.

As a workshop facilitator and long time educator, Chava has a unique approach to crafting professional workshops, lectures and a one on one motivational training program she created known as “The Expansive Effect” for executives on mindfulness, balance, and channeling creative expansive thinking through her profound cinematic multi-sensory approach. 

Alongside her husband Rabbi Robbie Tombosky, they lead the largest West Coast Modern Orthodox Jewish congregation for Young Professionals on the west coast.  

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