“Forgiveness is giving up the hope the past could have been any different.” – Oprah Winfrey

Do you have a person or people in your life who you carry a resentment for? Do you have a hard time forgiving them for an injustice, or an argument, or whatever other disagreement or disappointment you may have had with this person? Does it plague your sleep, take up space in your heart or your body? Where do you feel this pain emanating from?

Then think.


Is this your pain or the other Person’s pain that you have chosen to adopt?

Think about what’s really inside you. How is carrying this pain serving you? What is it you are really carrying? Because I am gonna take a hunch and say it’s probably not about the other person at all.

It is ALL about you.

Maybe it’s about your sense of worthiness…or your sense of feeling ok or “enough.”

Now look at this narrative from that place of deciding to feel enough.

Take a look around your space that you are inhabiting and notice – no demand, that it requires YOUR permission to let go, not theirs.

Now forgive.

Forgiving means – to give BEFORE the other person requests your connection. Give yourself the gift of leaning into your full self. Give all you have to the experiences and energies that inhabit your life BEFORE it takes over…BEFORE it destroys…BEFORE it ravages… BEFORE it dismantles.

Now be free.

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