By, Chava Floryn

It should not matter if you have courage when you are not called to be brave, and it should not matter if you have faith when your faith has not been tested- it should only matter  when you’re standing at the bottom of that deep pit lost and afraid; When the darkness is so thick, that faith is but a mutter, and when the challenge is so large, that bravery is not winning. It is there inside the pit, with little resources, and heavy resistance- that having courage and faith should really matter.

I believe we practice faith and courage for the times when we are standing inside that pit cold and afraid. For it is then that we have the fortitude and the audacity to search for the ladder called faith that helps us climb out, and the rope called courage that eventually pulls us over the wall of that deep dark place. The cavernous void that we imagine will become our fortress forever, but instead becomes the step to higher ground.

So go ahead, and nurture your practice.



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