The Divine voice is that voice that tells you at six years old, “I know I am here to be a healer.” It might mask itself in the sentence, “I want to be a firefighter,” but it is really letting you know something profound about your reason for being. It is the soft whisper which tells you, “I am here for a purpose.” The Divine voice is happy and open to play and discovery when we are children. But something happens along the way which forces our Divine voice to go mute through adulthood. It happens slowly and with zero provocation. But it happens, nonetheless. It becomes quiet.  (click here for nurturing your power back.)

The Divine voice lets you know what your aspirations are. It has very little room for logical thinking, and lots of room for expansive thoughts. It has the ability to carve out dreams and paint pictures of your desired future with unlimited potential. 

It whispers important information like, “Marry her… Move here…Take this job…Choose this opportunity.”

The divine voice is connected to a Divine energy which pulses in the cosmos. It is connected to the highest realms of possibilities. It is unlimited. 

So what happens when our limiting physical inner critic decides to dismantle that Divine Voice…how do we get the divine voice back again?

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the Emotion Code, “If the conscious mind takes up 10% of your brain, we can refer to the other 90% as the subconscious mind…. Like a computer, your subconscious mind is capable of storing vast amounts of information.”

To get access to the Divine voice which lives in the subconscious mind, I believe we have to quiet down our electrical systems, aka our bodies. Through practicing meditations and breath work, we can restore our subconscious back to a place of expansive thinking into the front conscious spot of our thoughts. It is during the quiet as we re-regulate the body with deep breathing where we can access that other 90% of our minds. Where the “real voice,” the divine voice lives. Sleep is where our entire brain gets the reboot it needs to stay sharp. But meditation is where our divine voice, our subconscious mind becomes sharper and more accessible. 

The more you quiet the mind, the more available those divine whispers come to you. Whispers of your dreams, your aspirations, your truths, which points you in the direction of expansive thinking. Where possibilities are endless and opportunities await. 

So close your eyes, take a deep breathe. And begin….

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