"The Life Force" By, Chava Floryn

Every single person has these three distinct features and characteristics that make you unique. Your name, your fingerprint and your voice. While some might have the same name- No two people have the same sounding voice or the same set of fingerprints.

What makes these three human signatures so distinct to you is that they fall into three different categories: The category of “being heard,” of “being seen” and “being recognized for your unique contribution.” Every human being has these three intrinsic needs which are: to be heard, to be seen and to have a specific purpose.

Have you ever met someone new and said their name out loud and felt an instant connection? Or have you ever been on a telephone call with a stranger and they used your name several times and you immediately felt a sense of trust around that person? That’s because hearing your name brings a sense of comfort. Hearing the weight of your existence heightens your life force. It makes you come alive.

Your fingerprint is an indication that your presence is unique. Your distinct physical matter indicates that YOU matter. Your energy which inhabits this earth has never been here before. Even if you are a reincarnation of another soul, your soul is a specific categorical energy – sister to the past life soul , yet unique into itself, never having been here before in this exact body with your exact circumstances, family, place of origin or set of personality traits. Therefore the space you are taking up on this earth is not only new and unique, it is valuable and precious.

Your voice is the sound your soul makes. It is the noise that affects others and that attracts other souls. It is your calling card, which calls on others to experience your soul’s mission cohesively, collaborating as two cells, which has now multiplied into a brand new entity – creating a new harmonious sound which plays together as a new note rings.

Each of these unique features is the link to which joins your corporeality to your spirituality… Your sound represents your gravity, your name represents your physical matter- the space you inhabit, and your voice imbedded in sound, which travels to be heard represents time- for no one can inhabit sound without time aiding its orbit.


You are all of it and none of it. Energy and possibility. Notice the weight of your full self taking up each experience and realize you have the power to turn, twist, and morph all of them into goodness.

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