By Chava Floryn

You deserve to live life with your full, unabashed, booming unwavering VOICE. 

There I said it. 

  • The Voice has 4 elements and they are:
  • 1) Resonance-  Your vocal vibrations, which is where your power lives that creates bonding with others.
  • 2)Relaxation- Using breathe to exhale, which increases the pressure of the vibration and allows your emotional state to become articulated. 
  • 3) Rhythm- Migrating in your personality & tone, this element reflects your purpose and personal brand.
  • 4) Pacing- Where your energetic state is articulated. 

The vocal instrument is the place God planted our ability to speak our ideas and dreams into action. It is the place where actualizing our thoughts live. And if a person silences this area of the body, then dreams cannot be lived, ideas stay extinct and emotions are repressed. 

The most unique human attribute given to man was the ability to articulate our deep thoughts using speech. This gift allows ideas to foster. The voice allows us to share our perspectives and our ideologies. When we abandon this area of the body where the throat and the voice box live, the neck area may ache. It may become hot and tired. You might experience a sore throat, a cough, or swelling of the thyroid glad. Physical manifestation stemming from our emotional progression will react if the emotional experience is stilted.

When our voice is abandoned, we lose a part of ourselves. For those who are given the gift of voice, when it is not practiced and it becomes frozen from fear, we extinguish one of the greatest gifts that can aid in healing our bodies. Using voice can create bonding. It is not just used to protect ourselves, it is also used to nurture our greatest potential.

If your power is not actualized or over actualized, if you are depleted from rest, if your purpose is not fully revealed, if you are not fully aware of your emotions you are inhabiting or bonding with others is disrupted- your voice will not command other’s full attention. If your voice is used as a weapon, it will also disrupt the ability to bond with others and fail to get your point across. The key is to use the voice responsibly and to articulate with love, while not abandoning one’s true core desires and emotions. 

When we work on our dignity, giving space for play and rest, knowing our full purpose for being, and bonding with others harmoniously our voice learns how to expand and suddenly our dreams are fully articulated to manifest the world.

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