The War We Let Inside

And then one day Sandy Hook happened. And the children bled and cried and died. And the moral compass suffered  — decayed into all lies. The schools became ground zero. Families torn to shreds, no one paid attention to the cries of innocent lives or empty beds. There was a war that lasted years. Mass shootings were the trend. Homes were broken, lives were crushed, we wondered to what end? 

And the countries went on a nuclear race, And the leaders were thirsty in greed. Economies began to bleed, And the powerful hungered for sexual domination, And the women spoke up, me too’d in retaliation, And the bullies lied, Religion and all nonprofits? Totally catastrophic; an abyss for empty promises, forgotten why’s with twisted stories inside their dirty lies. 

And we pointed fingers at the Jews, the refugees, the blacks. And hate became the brand new trend, the new addictive crack. And the children suffered silently through abuse of every kind, And the weak were further kicked and mauled down the wormhole line. And the politics got ugly, and the leaders lied and flexed, and the people all divided, you can’t imagine what happened next. 

Up was down and wrong was right — the world became a wreck. And Syria gassed its population, while North Korea starved its nation, as Al-Qaida, Isis raped and scalded more, America paid China like her whore… For all her thirsty treats, a communist regime, as smoky air strangled Earth, an overtaxed  bloodstream. 

And then one wind of viral silence blew upon the Earth, And no one was impervious to the choking it would birth.

The war outside came rumbling in between the walls instead and we went inside for our time out, gasping for air with our thoughts in dread. 8 million stopped the hateful trends and shootings were no more, humanity had starved itself from gathering outside its doors. 

The privilege to assemble Once taken all for granted, Replaced with isolation, “Flatten the curve” they all chanted. Shallow vanity, it seemed, had left quickly with no trace, Power, greed and murdering turned to be replaced, and balconies gathered with song and love and grace.

The war that was began to die and soon it was no more. Coronavirus crowned our hands that stole with a different kind of corps. The race was on to save each life, there was no time to take one.  God pulled the trigger himself, cocked the viral spray gun. The bidding had begun upstairs. The silent enemy so sly. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

 Every class and color creed equally condemned indeed — To search for peace, and love, compassion or be dead. We washed our hands a hundred times and still we washed them more, but all the more would wonder still, would washing all the past blood hurts even out the score? 

Yet, no one could out run the fact that working all as one member,

had become the only virus that, 


strung humanity all together.


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